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In a place surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Tichá Šárka, not far from the famous Hanspaulka residential area in Prague's Dejvice, new timeless housing in premium standard awaits you.

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If you come by public transport, we recommend using metro line A, get off at Bořislavka station. You will find us on the ground floor of the second crystal, facing away from the crossroads. 

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KKCG Real Estate Group

KKCG Real Estate Group

KKCG Real Estate Group a.s. is a member of the KKCG Investment Group. It was established in 2012 in order to effectively manage the Group's real estate projects. Its core business consists in residential and commercial development and facility management. The company also monitors real estate trends and markets, searches for suitable investment opportunities and provides consulting services for the mother company KKCG SE. The KKCG Real Estate Group's vision is to create lasting values by linking genius loci with innovative architecture in the spirit of sustainable development principles.

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top´rezidence - Šárecké údolí

top´rezidence - Šárecké údolí

The successful project of the top´rezidence with timeless architecture designed by the SHA architekti studio respects the location and meets the current needs of prestigious living. 50 low-energy and passive houses are set in the unique scenery of the Šárecké údolí Valley in Prague 6 – Dejvice. The sophisticated urbanism of the top´rezidence offers an urban parterre and a central park with grown greenery and a design clubhouse. The streets have a residential character, and there is also a playground for children. We cooperated on the interiors of the houses with the OLGOJ CHORCHOJ studio (Stage 1) and with the SIMPLin studio (Stage 2).

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top'rezidence Pomezí - Stage 1

top'rezidence Pomezí - Stage 1

In Stage 1, top'rezidence Pomezí offers a total of 90 low-energy apartments in an exceptional standard in the excellent location of Prague 5  Košíře. The construction of Stage 1 began in the autumn of 2018, completed in March 2021. Beautiful penthouses represent the highlight of the offer, with breathtaking views of the Prague skyline. 

Bořislavka Centrum

Bořislavka Centrum

BOŘISLAVKA CENTRUM is a LEED Gold pre-certified business and office complex that includes a unique mix of relaxation zones, greenery and social and retail space in coexistence with inspiring offices of the highest standard. In the International Property Awards 2019-2020 contest, Bořislavka Centrum won a prestigious set of awards: Best International Office Development, Best Mixed-Use Architecture Europe, Best Office Development Europe, Best Mixed-Use Architecture Czech Republic, Best Office Architecture Czech Republic, Best Mixed-Use Development Czech Republic and Best Office Development Czech Republic

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    We look for relationships in our projects. This approach has been with us since the beginning. We are more interested in the benefits for the family or the individual who will use the house than originality. We ask ourselves: What is naturally functional? What is cosy? We are looking for a rational expression and a pleasant space. Where does one live such "human happiness"? Our work is based on professionalism with a human approach. Our studio has a great atmosphere, which we always try to transfer to our work with the implementation team. Our work is not only related to architecture itself but mainly to the service that architects and architecture offer – that we are guides.


    We are an architectural and urban planning office founded in 2010 by Ondřej Chybík and Michal Krištof. We operate with more than 60 members of an international team from Prague, Brno and Bratislava. Our practice aims to bridge the gap between private and public space while simultaneously transcending generational and social spheres. With respect to local history and the specifics of the environment, we work in architecture, urban planning, research, education and a wide range of projects, from urban development to public and private buildings.

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